Aluminum Cored Hole Calculator

Find the proper hole dimensions for your TAPTITE® fastener.

DISCLAIMER: These calculations provide engineering guidance only.
All dimensions must be checked in practice prior to critical use.

User Inputs

  • Hole Entry Feature:
  • Product:
  • Fastener Type:
  • Fastener Size:
  • Countersink Angle: °
  • Countersink Depth: mm
  • Counterbore Depth: mm
  • Penetration Depth: mm
  • Draft Angle: °
  • Screw Clearance: mm

Calculated Outputs

  • Hole Depth:
  • Full Thread Engagement:
  • Draft Angle per Side: °
  • Round to (significant figures):
  • Top of hole, below entry feature:
  • Top of hole, Max:
  • Top of hole, Min:
  • Bottom of screw engagement:
  • Bottom of screw engagement, Max:
  • Bottom of screw engagement, Min:
  • Bottom of cored hole:
  • Bottom of cored hole, Max:
  • Bottom of cored hole, Min:
  • Countersink Diameter:
  • Counterbore Diameter:
  • Boss Diameter:

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